BPSS Tutorial

The Benefits Of BPSS Screening

Believe it or not, identity fraud is common among certain categories of people. The main purpose of BPSS checks is to lower the risk of identity fraud and illegal workers. If you manage a company and you need to hire new people, you’ll want to ensure that all candidates on your shortlist are eligible to become your employees. Doing this on your own is a rather complex and costly thing, as it involves a wide array of records and facts to check.

BPSS stands for Baseline Personnel Security Standard and it is the screening all government departments use to ensure they don’t hire any criminals to manage potentially sensitive information. Whenever honesty and integrity are the core values required for a certain position in your company, you should consider undergoing this type of check before you actually start scheduling job interviews with candidates.


The information provided in this type of check includes the right to work, the immigration status, the nationality, the identity data check, the criminal records, and the employment history check, among many other details. You’ll know whether your candidate has the legal right to work and to undertake the job you interview them for. It’s worth mentioning here that this type of screening includes only the past three years of employment and a search for unspent convictions only.

As a contractor, should you need such a pre-employment screening, you can apply for a check on the CBS website. You can also submit an application as a private individual. The electronic applications system is user-friendly. Furthermore, the staff is always ready to answer your questions and to guide you to apply for a check. This type of screening provides employers the peace of mind that their new employees are honest and trustworthy people. This is the foundation of any healthy work relationship.