Social Media Revolution

Why Is Facebook Still Relevant

We witness rapid trend changes every day. This refers to how we spend time online as well. So many dating apps, social networks are created, and the old ones get kind of left out. So, this time we are talking about one such app.


Although we have a bigger choice now, facebook is one of the first apps we all started using and is still relevant for many reasons. First of all, if you own a business,s and you want to boost it, you simply have to cover that percentage of people who use this app as well. You can do it through posts, pictures, and share any content with friends, which can be really helpful. Another great reason to keep using it is the connectivity. It allows you to chat and text with your friends and family so easily, and this is something we all do. Another of the original purposes was entertainment. You can see what others are sharing, what movies are they watching, and what music are they listening to, which can give you ideas as well. Staying informed is also important, and if you choose to follow news pages, you can be on top of everything that goes on around the world, just by logging into this app. Since facebook shifted its content to more educational, it is a great way to also learn something new while drinking your first morning coffee.

Although you have a bigger choice now, there are still so many benefits of using facebook, so you should keep it for communicating, educating yourself, and entertainment as well.