Medicare Giveback Plans

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The Medicare Part B Premium-Reduction Plan or Medicare Giveback Plans is one of the features of Medicare Advantage. Only some of the Medicare Advantage plans provide this benefit, and it is not available in every area. People that have this plan might see a higher amount on their monthly Social Security checks, which will depend on their Part B premium-payment method.

How To Obtain Medicare Giveback Plans

To obtain a Premium-Reduction Plan which is part of Part B, one has to enroll in Part A and Part B. The applicant must also not be getting any type of government assistance that pays towards their Part B premium already.

Medicare Giveback Plans

What Is The Part B Premium-Reduction Plan

The Part B Reduction Plan occurs when an applicant enrolls in a policy and the actual carrier pays the entire premium or a portion of it for the policy holder’s outpatient coverage.

What Are Give Back Benefits In Medicare?

The “Give Back Benefit” is just another term used for the Part B Premium-Reduction. This happens when a Medicare Advantage Plan will reduce the amount that you are paying towards your Part B monthly premium.

The Medicare Advantage Plans with Part B Give Back have become increasingly popular in the last few years. In 2021, 48 of the states will now offer a Medicare Advantage Plan with the Part B Premium Reduction.

Humana is currently one of the companies that provide a GiveBack option on Medicare Advantage plans. In certain areas, Cigna may also have the Part B Premium Reduction Plan. There are many more companies that provide these types of policies. However, it is advisable to take the overall plan ratings into account before you decide to enroll.

It is also important to note that beneficiaries will not be reimbursed for their Part B Premium Reduction. If the Part B Premium is coming out of the policyholder’s Social Security check, the lowered amount reflects in their monthly checks.