Why You Should Install Bollards

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There are many situations when you need to use a good system of bollards in the public space that you manage. For example, perhaps you need to regulate how cars come in and out of the parking lot of the school or hospital that you manage. You see cars crossing over to the space where pedestrians walk because there are no signs or indicators of which direction the driver should go. However, if there are bollards in place, the cars can be directed to go in a specific direction. In the Brisbane area, you can discuss this with a Brisbane bollards expert.

Brisbane Bollards

Bollards are a solution for an application like this because they can create a space that it is only intended for pedestrian traffic. Plastic cones and signs are not effective because they get moved out of place easily, and sometimes drivers do not see them. Bollards are made from stainless steel and provide a more permanent solution to the traffic problem. They can be customized to your specifications to fit your space.

What if you have an occasional need to close off vehicle traffic, and you do not want a permanent solution? For example, you might want to close off a section of a road on your school property only when school is in session with students walking around. In that case, you can bollards that are removable. The system involves preparing the holes on the premises where the bollards can be inserted when you need to block off vehicle traffic. When you no longer need to block the road, just remove the bollards, and vehicles can pass through again.

Keeping a orderly traffic pattern on your business or commericial property is important for everyone’s safety. Brisbane bollards professionals can help you with designing a solution that is appropriate for your requirements.